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The aim of this Journal is to encourage scientists, pharmacists, and clinicians to publish original research papers, theoretical and clinical outcomes of their research and their original experimentation.  Other scientists in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and other health sciences can access all published contributions to further explore their interest.

5 Pharmaceutical Science Publications that will enhance your knowledge:

  1. The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sciences

This review covers the growing interest in increasing the quality and safety of medications but also looking into cutting the costs of manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

  1. Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Excipients

This is a research article looking into the procedures to control elemental impurities in products that are undergoing revision.

  1. Pharmaceutical applications of cyclodextrins. 1. Drug solubilization and stabilization

This short review states the results of research done into the stabilizing or destabilizing effects on chemically labile drugs.

  1. Biowaiver monographs for immediate release solid oral dosage forms: Ibuprofen

Basically, this is a review, opinion, of the authors on the properties of Ibuprofen and its widely accepted therapeutic index and uncomplicated properties.

  1. Antibody pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

This mini-review provides the reader with an overview of many of the associated complexities with antibody structure.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences will keep publishing original research notes, editorial commentary, topical reviews, communications, etc.  The focus area will be in basic pharmaceutical science and related topics, such as the chemical stability of drugs, chemical processing, metabolic disposition and more.