The Role of a Pharmacist in you Wellness Program; Pharmacist Care:

A shared vision of Health Care Providers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and clinicians is an asset to health care.  The focus of this shared vision, being, the provision of; care and wellness of patients, in the workplace, in schools, and also in the community.

Providing Wellness Programs, aligned with pharmacy benefits will mean that:

  1. Healthcare professionals will be available throughout working hours.
  2. Health and Wellness Programs and Educational Events will be held On-site, at school or at the community centre.
  3. Health Screenings can be done at the work, school or community sites.
  4. Vaccination Support will be provided on-site and in-store, etc.
  5. 5. Community events that will include all persons will be underwritten by community pharmacy support and educational health and wellness programs.

Health and Wellness Programs will include:

Life Style Choices and Support Mechanism; will give advice on better food choices, being more active and avoiding too much alcohol, sugary foods, salt and other bad habits.  A support system will be available when needed.

Provide Behavioural Education; giving advice on behaviour that is bad for health and wellness.

Managing medication; the refill of medication prescriptions, and the synchronization of all medications taken.  Making sure that medication is ready on time and that all medications taken are working together and won’t have adverse reactions.

Providing Disease Management Programs, Education, and support; through keeping track of patients with chronic diseases, such as; Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Obesity, and Depression.  They will give education on, living with the disease, and cope with it through, lifestyle changes, and correct medication.

Help towards planning a future of health and wellness; giving advice on the best ways for keeping healthy and education on how to obtain health and wellness.

Providing these essential services on a daily basis and in a very accessible way increases health and wellness awareness.

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