Health Systems/Services Research; what is the Primary Goal?

Health Care Services is provided by many different professionals in different areas working in the Health Care Field.  But, how do people get access to health care services and practitioners?

Health services research is a multidisciplinary, (an approach that draws information from multiple academic disciplines) scientific field that researches how people access health care services, the cost of those services and if those services have a positive or negative effect.

A country’s data and information sources can be used as part of a health services research analysis.  Population and health surveys, clinical records, financial records, births, and deaths, etc. can all have an impact on research and provide a starting point from where to conduct this research.

The Research will reveal the factors that influence the providing and using of Health Care:

What is the Influence of Social Factors? 

A higher income and better social status can be linked to better health.

Lower education levels can be linked to poor health, lower self-confidence, and more stress.

Physical environment, safe houses, safe water, clean air, and well-developed communities contribute to good health.  Employed people are healthier.

Support Networks; families and friends and communities are linked to enjoying better health.

Genetics and gender play its part; genetic inheritance can influence the likelihood of contracting certain diseases and also of determining lifespan.  Gender:  Men and women suffer from different diseases at different stages of their lives.

How does Health Policy influence the provision of healthcare?

Health policies have many categories which include; public health policy, mental health policy insurance policy, pharmaceutical policy and much more.  The rules of each policy may have an effect on how easy or difficult it can be to acquire a specific service.  The rules can also differ from country to country.

Even though health policies are defined to achieve specific goals within societies, it can be lost on certain areas of the population.  Social factors come into play in certain areas.

How does Medical Technology have an Influence on health care?

Medical Technology encompasses a very wide range of healthcare products.  These technologies should improve the quality of healthcare.

However, social and ethical issues can hamper these improvements.

The primary goals of Health Services Research are still the identification of the most effective ways in which to organize, finance, manage, and deliver the highest possible medical care to all who needs it.

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