3 kinds of diagnosis and treatments available for Low Testosterone

Testosterone results in the development of muscles and hair, deepening of the voice, and sex drive of a male. The level of testosterone determines the growth of a person sexually. These changes usually take place when the person reaches puberty age, and the change is highly noticeable. The testosterone level in a male would be at an all-time high during his late teen and also his twenties. But there is a change of testosterone level that is seen in some of the men mostly when they reach their thirties. This results in the decreased sex drive and the constant feeling of fatigue, which can damage their sex life and relationship.

Most of the men attribute it to their age to be the cause of these issues over the years. Even diabetes, coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression have been attributed as the reason for the development of sex drive issues. But experts have reported that these conditions do not affect the body to cause issues related to sex drive and fatigue. But it is actually the decrease in the level of testosterone that results in the development of such conditions. So, the doctors suggest a person get the condition checked and diagnose it. The gradual decrease of testosterone in the body can result in various complications. The bones in the body might become brittle and suffer breaks. So it must always be taken seriously, and the necessary treatment has to be availed for the person who has low testosterone.


These are some of the ways you can diagnose whether you have low testosterone or not.

Reduced sex drive

The most common change that happens in a person with low testosterone is the reducing sex drive. You will slowly see that your sex drive is decreasing.


It can also be noticed that the person would be suffering from fatigue throughout the day and would not be able to do the day to day activities with the same energy.

Family history

Family history in the issue. The risk increases if there are the previous case of the condition in the family.

The muscle development process would also decrease. You should consult a doctor if you find these symptoms. The doctor would ask you about the symptoms first.


The gradual decrease of testosterone in smaller amounts is something that can be expected as you grow old. But the uneven decrease is attributed to developing into conditions that would affect you in a bad way. Here are some treatments available.

Gonadotropin injections

The inability to get the partner pregnant can be cured by the use of gonadotropin injections. It is one of the options used in many cases. Gonadotropin gives the body signals to produce testosterone which would help in increasing the sperm count of the person. There are other types of injections that work to improve the level of testosterone in a person.

Testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets can be implanted in the buttocks which produce testosterone over the period of four months and improve the level of testosterone in the body.

Nasal gels

Nasal gels are also available to improve the testosterone level and have been found to be effective.

Do get the treatment of a doctor in case you find yourself to be a victim of decreasing testosterone levels. It is a condition that can be cured and not to be completely blamed on age.

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