The “Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” is a scientific journal which features articles, research papers, and the newest news, related to pharmaceutical issues.  The journal is published monthly, and has been issued from 1912, as, “The Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association.”  The name changed in 1961 to the current; Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The aim of this journal is to publish, original experimental, clinical and theoretical research papers and the research outcomes, to make this information accessible to interested readers and the wider scientific world.

Because of the wide range of sciences included in the pharmaceutical arena; (Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Education, Toxicology, etc.), the journal publishes papers, research, and articles, covering multidisciplinary information and scientific knowledge.

You will find original research work that will make significant contributions, towards furthering scientific exploration in pharmaceutical sciences.  We publish articles, research articles, review articles, mini-reviews, editorials and short communications, that is peer-reviewed, to provide open access, online, to readers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

The articles will be of interest to all professionals in the health industries, placing a strong emphasis on originality and the quality of the scientific contents.

Feel free to view our articles, research papers, editorials and more, and you are welcome to submit a scientific paper of your own.